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31 December 2013


Assalamualaikum dear fellas, 

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah .

Finally I'm gonna be a college student starting from 26 Jan 2014 . Insyaallah ~ I'll continue my studies at UniKL MICET , Melaka which is sponsored by MARA ^^ The course I'm taking is Chemical Engineering in Process . 

I would like to congratulate to my friends too, who get the offer to continue their studies starting from this very beginning 2014 ! I've heard that a few of my college students will be continue their studies in Melaka which makes me so excited to meet and learn with them again ! ^^

My family also get excited when we get the result and they begin to put high hope on me too (again) . . . After asking the officer about studying abroad, she said if the students maintain their pointer which is 3.5 and above, they'll send us abroad (katanyalah) Three years in Melaka , another three years abroad . 

So yes , to achieve this GOAL ,  I want to do some wishlist . They're : 
  • Get 3.5 and above on every semester 
  • Studying abroad

Yeah that's the wishlist for now . I know this course is tough and hard for me but I have interest in it so I wanna go for it ! 

Lastly , I wish that all of the readers will pray for our success ! Pretty pretty pleaseeee ~ haha THANK YOU SO MUCH . Love y'lls . Pen off . ^^

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25 December 2013

Muhammad Ariffssssssss a.k.a SEPET ^^

Assalamualaikum dear readers,

Haih .. tak de ape pun nak buat malam ni bosan . BORED . Okay ! I'm gonna post something . Yang kat title tu bukan nama boyfriend ke ape ke . Jangan nak mengarut ehhh ~

Dia yang request nak buat macam mana . hokhok ! so kita post something pasal dia ..

Hmm ..

First impression eh ? Haaa .. dia ni budak Key Elle or Selangor maybe . Yeah style la jugak . He is my junior, form three . Kat sekolah masa hari sukan kitorang satu rumah sukan (baru teringat) . hehe . Budak nakal la jugak . But not jahat laaa . haha .

Apa lagi eh ? oh ~ ade ramai secret admire kot . Entah la . Pastu dia ni budak pandai . Orangnya peramah jugak . Yang tak boleh blah he said that first impression dia tengok aku dia kata I am a good girl . Okay yang tu lawak ~ Dia tak tau kot berapa banyak peraturan sekolah yang aku langgar .

Masa spm tweet sakan ngan dia .Well , he do knows my lil secret . lol ! (kau bagi tau sesape siap kau) !! Pernah sekali je hangout ngan dia . Tak pernah terlintas nak hangout ngan junior sebenarnya . Tapi haha okay la jugak en2?

Dia ni anak mak . Masa keluar hari tu mak dia risau sangat . Tu baru gi Sunway je . Hm .. Dia share la jugak masalah dia & I do too . Ade eh ? (tak ingat) ^^ . Sometimes gila2 jugak . Orang lain la cakap dia ni panas baran . Yeke ? Entah . Tak pernah tunjuk la pulak .

So tahun depan dah naik Form 4 . Concentrate on your next exam . Benda dah lepas biarkan and work hard for spm ^^ . Believe in Allah . He knows what's best for ya ! Chill okay . 

Okay la . Banyak dah tu . Emm . Gambar takde eh sorryyy .  Lol . Pen off .  

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29 November 2013

SPM Dah Lepas , Will be missing Beta Pleated So Much

 Alhamdulillah ~

SPM has ended successfully . Insyaallah straight As . Amin . I love Beta Pleated so much that I don't wanna separate w em . They're my oxygen for real . We've done so many things together . A lot ! such as eat together , lepakingss , had a lot of laugh especially , hiding under the beds , movie marathon , OVER NIGHT at TC I won't forget ! and there's a lot more . oh yeah I'm pleasure to introduce em to y'all . There are ten of us . MEET :

  • Nana
  • Aini Md Zanan
  • Elida 
  • Haifa
  • Dina
  • Wawi
  • Nadra
  • Iklima
  • Husna
  • Mila
  • and ME !
 We had such a great time together . Why 'Beta Pleated' ? haha .. for those who learned biology in high school you know . It is because the characteristic of beta pleated is folded . We like to 'melipat' lol .

It is formed when everyone in the batch said "set mu lah" and we're like "sejak bila kita ni 'set' yg diorang cakap tu?" and since that when they kept saying we were 'set' so baik namakan je terus . 

We've been through all the happy and sad moment together . When the hard time , when all of em bashing us , it's like we stay together no matter what happens !  We protect and defense each other . We had our meeting in our 'markas' . We have 'markas' you know ! lol 

And of course when the happy time it's like we own the world ! No body can disturb us . Sape je yang berani langgar peraturan maktab selain kita ? hahaha

We are so rapat that no one can ever separate us . Biar lah dengan ape orang nak kata . . We are who we are . Gaduh sikit2 biasa lah . Dalam setiap hubungan mesti ade salah faham sikit2 . alah nak tambah perisa je . Tu nak suruh kita ambik pengajaran bukan nak suruh kita bermusuhan sesama kita .

 I hope we will stay together even we live far away .

 This is so precious to me and I know to you girls too .

 A lot of memories , can't be replace with money .

 All the moments together .

You guys make me complete . Grateful for your existence , faithful no matter the distance .

You guys are all that matters to me . Lots of love from Deana HarQay JBieb . mmmmuuaaaaah ~


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31 May 2013

I'll Not Disturb You and Your 'New Friend'


Hari ni rasa macam nak post some sad story untuk you all..

Hmm..korang rasa ape yang aku nak cite? 

Pernah tak ade bestfriend yang bila korang start je kawan ngan dia it's like..

"yeah we're bestfriend forever !"

So kitorang start kawan..and bila tahun ni ade ramai budak baru masuk and bilik pun dah tukar (boarding school), kitorang makin lama makin jauh..tambah lagi ngan masing2 ade urusan n sentiasa busy..

Bila time sesekali nak jumpa or balik prep sama2..dah penat2 tunggu nih..

ade pulak 'new friend' dia yang potong line..duk tengah2 antara aku ngan bestfriend aku ni..pastu dia sentap tangan my cute little friend ni.

Dia yang macam jealous sangat sebab aku memang rapat ngan bestfriend aku ni.. dah nama pun bestfriend kan???

Aku tak kisah pun sebenarnya bestfriend aku nak ade kawan baru ke ape ke.. aku tak halang langsung.. Tapi bila ade kawan baru dia yang buat kitorang cam ni haih ape masalah kau doe??

Jealous ke aku kawan ngan dia????

Aku tau bila kawan baru dia tarik kawan aku ni n jalan laju2 kat depan.. my bestfriend berhenti kejap sebab dia tau aku nak balik ngan dia.. Dia tarik beg aku so that aku boleh jalan sekali..

Tapi nak wat cmne.. aku dah sentap gila sebab new friend dia buat aku camni..

Then, aku pun senyum and sudahnya aku balik sensorang..lepas dah beli air mineral Ice Mountain, aku balik ikut jalan yang agak gelap sikit sebab aku tak nak orang nampak aku menangis..

Seriously..selama ni aku boleh tahan lagi..even klau ade orang wat camtu kat classmate aku pun aku tak kesah..

Maybe korang anggap benda ni kecik je and x yah la sampai nak menangis.. but to's my biggest problem..

dah lah dengan crush yang diam seribu bahasanya. pasal crush aku boleh terima lagi sebab aku rasa aku ade kawan so it doesnt matter lah dia nak diam ke ape..

tapi bila aku dah xde kawan macam ni..aku nak cari sape untuk teman aku kat college??

So untuk 'new friend' bestfriend aku tu.. Aku harap kau berbahagia lah dengan bestfriend aku sebab aku takkan sibuk2 lagi dengan dia.

Cuma kalau dia datang cari aku kau jangan nak jealous sangatlah..sebab kiranya aku lagi precious dari diri kau yang suka merampas tu..

I'm too harsh am I??? What's so confusing?? You make me !

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02 May 2013

Me Gedik with Justin Bieber


Hi there, fellas !

Today , I'm posting a lot of photos that I wanna share with you guys !  

Fun editing !

 Siblingsssss.. :) at klcc

 Wow ! I am totally 'gedik' with Justin Bieber !


I love U , JB <3>

 Sweet ~

He is totally adorable !

p/s: I miss my CRUSH.. :'(

Till then.

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25 April 2013

Just Whatever !

Hi readers,

What's wrong with the post title? What's wrong with me? Sigh. I just can't forget about him for just one second, REPEAT ! ONE second . I can get a     

Why I can't forget about him? I don't know ! It feels like it just come in and out with pleasure without thinking a bit 'bout my feeling. .

     I don't want to !

 It hurts me so much. You want to know something? Deep inside my heart..    <<< read it?

I'm confuse? If I don't love you, why will I miss you?  


   Allah ! Please help Your weak servant ! Please tell her what to do ! Please tell me what to do !

the only way to get rid of that feeling towards you !

 I'll make sure that you'll never influence my stupid feeling towards you ANYMORE !


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25 March 2013

Alhamdulillah ~

Assalamualaikum everyone !

As everybody knows that SPM result has been announced 4 days ago and I think that it is not too late to congratulate my crush, here, in my site ! well .. you know .. it is hard for me to update this blog this year .. 
Shall we move on with our topic? You wanna know how much did he got? Straight A's . Yes, all A's .. Now that he had made his parents , family and teachers proud of him . I wonder how I can beats him .. or maybe as good as him .. you know .. he is not only my crush but also the source of my inspiration to succeed (too much?) .   

It is hard for me to accept that we are not studying at the same place anymore . If he knows how much I miss him so badly :'(

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