Status Update ^_^

25 April 2013

Just Whatever !

Hi readers,

What's wrong with the post title? What's wrong with me? Sigh. I just can't forget about him for just one second, REPEAT ! ONE second . I can get a     

Why I can't forget about him? I don't know ! It feels like it just come in and out with pleasure without thinking a bit 'bout my feeling. .

     I don't want to !

 It hurts me so much. You want to know something? Deep inside my heart..    <<< read it?

I'm confuse? If I don't love you, why will I miss you?  


   Allah ! Please help Your weak servant ! Please tell her what to do ! Please tell me what to do !

the only way to get rid of that feeling towards you !

 I'll make sure that you'll never influence my stupid feeling towards you ANYMORE !


The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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