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29 November 2013

SPM Dah Lepas , Will be missing Beta Pleated So Much

 Alhamdulillah ~

SPM has ended successfully . Insyaallah straight As . Amin . I love Beta Pleated so much that I don't wanna separate w em . They're my oxygen for real . We've done so many things together . A lot ! such as eat together , lepakingss , had a lot of laugh especially , hiding under the beds , movie marathon , OVER NIGHT at TC I won't forget ! and there's a lot more . oh yeah I'm pleasure to introduce em to y'all . There are ten of us . MEET :

  • Nana
  • Aini Md Zanan
  • Elida 
  • Haifa
  • Dina
  • Wawi
  • Nadra
  • Iklima
  • Husna
  • Mila
  • and ME !
 We had such a great time together . Why 'Beta Pleated' ? haha .. for those who learned biology in high school you know . It is because the characteristic of beta pleated is folded . We like to 'melipat' lol .

It is formed when everyone in the batch said "set mu lah" and we're like "sejak bila kita ni 'set' yg diorang cakap tu?" and since that when they kept saying we were 'set' so baik namakan je terus . 

We've been through all the happy and sad moment together . When the hard time , when all of em bashing us , it's like we stay together no matter what happens !  We protect and defense each other . We had our meeting in our 'markas' . We have 'markas' you know ! lol 

And of course when the happy time it's like we own the world ! No body can disturb us . Sape je yang berani langgar peraturan maktab selain kita ? hahaha

We are so rapat that no one can ever separate us . Biar lah dengan ape orang nak kata . . We are who we are . Gaduh sikit2 biasa lah . Dalam setiap hubungan mesti ade salah faham sikit2 . alah nak tambah perisa je . Tu nak suruh kita ambik pengajaran bukan nak suruh kita bermusuhan sesama kita .

 I hope we will stay together even we live far away .

 This is so precious to me and I know to you girls too .

 A lot of memories , can't be replace with money .

 All the moments together .

You guys make me complete . Grateful for your existence , faithful no matter the distance .

You guys are all that matters to me . Lots of love from Deana HarQay JBieb . mmmmuuaaaaah ~


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