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08 June 2012

Wishing Could Stay A Lil Longer

owww !! This maybe a very sad statement for you guys..To all my followers and loyal readers..I wish I could stay a lil longer..but I can' less than 3 days..I'll gone to Kuantan for continuing my study..(for Semester 2)..I'm so lonely without you guys here by my side..<---(are you kidding me?)

Besides, my next holiday is too far enough ! maybe in August.. so I just want you to know that..I'll not update my blog for this coming up 2 months..

Although I'm not update my blog I hope that all of you will concern about me, as I concern about you'll..

If you missing me a lot, just come here and blogwalking at my blog yeah! <--- (is that really?)

haha..okay yaw..pen off..till then !

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Today Story

Hey you'll !! it has been 2 days I didn't post my entries..
I hope that all of you, (my followers) and my loyalty readers..didn't upset with me :)

Last Wed, I went to Times Square with my friends..we have a great time there !
I arrived there almost 12 o'clock..with my 2 lovely friends..truly..we're walking at all floor, finding a dress/blouse to wear on the 'Ladies Night' at our school..
Of course ! we were so tired but really2 having fun at that time :D

The next day, I were at home..doing homework (that never finished)..and serving internet but also didn't have time to update my blog..again I am so sorry cause couldn't make up..I know that my followers and my silent readers are always hoping that I could update my blog..

Today, at 1o a.m. , I were at Wangsa Walk with my friends doing together..(for the last)..although my hands is hurt because I'm writing too much, I still wanna update my blog because if I didn't update it readers won't have a heart to read my entries anymore..

So, the blog is updated ! My loyal readers are so happy with me, right ? thank you...till then !

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05 June 2012

Pahlawan Yang Gagah Perkasa


Semoga kita tidak menyalah anggap apa yg di kurniakan..renung2 kanlah...Ya Allah berilah hamba-Mu kekuatan..
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Saling Berpesan Untuk Kesedaran Kita Bersama..

KETIKA aku ingin hidup KAYA,
Aku lupa bahwa HIDUP adalah KEKAYAAN.
Aku lupa bahwa semua yang aku miliki adalah PEMBERIAN.
KETIKA aku ingin jadi yang TERKUAT,
Aku lupa bahwa dalam KELEMAHAN, Allah memberi aku KEKUATAN.
KETIKA aku takut RUGI,
Aku lupa bahwa HIDUPKU adalah sebuah KEBERUNTUNGAN.

HIDUP ini sangatlah INDAH jika
MENSYUKURI apa yang sudah ada.
Adakalanya yang TERINDAH bukanlah yang TERBAIK,
Yang SEMPURNA tidak menjanjikan KEBAHAGIAAN.
Tetapi Ketika kita mampu dan mahu MENERIMA semua KEKURANGAN DAN KELEBIHAN...

Itulah KEBAHAGIAAN... ^_^
Alhamdulillah... :)
SaLing berpesan: Jangan tunggu Esok untuk berbuat kebaikan. BoLeh jadi Esok datang, tetapi diri kita teLah 'pergi'.. [DR. Yusuf Al-Qaradhawi]

Kita perlu selalu sedar bahawa Allah memberi nikmat dan dugaan kepada kita..setiap nikmat yang diberi, perlulah kita mensyuluri..manakala..setiap dugaan yang menimpa diri kita perlulah kita hadapinya dengan penuh kesabaran..Kita mesti ingat Allah memberi kepada ujian megikut kemampuan kita untuk menghadapinya..

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03 June 2012

Wedding, Wedding, Wedding...

Hmm...Wedding is so interrupt me !
You know?? when I arrived early last mom says that 'we gonna have to go to a wedding tonight.. I were so tired because..the journey from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur takes 4 hours..and that night I have to go to a wedding..
So I went to the wedding at Kampung Pengantin...
The next day, we have to go to Melaka..AGAIN ! A wedding ! huh ~
Here are some pictures of me and my family at the wedding ceremony..

Am I cute?? haha.. silly me ^_^

after eating....

my aunty and me <3

These pictures were taken yesterday at Sime Darby hall..
The bride in this wedding is the secretary of his husband at his office..isn't that sweeeeett??...*kalau nak suami kaya jadi secretary jehh.. Besides, the bride wear 'tudung' you know..moreover..she is pretty..

At Melaka....

*belah sedara-mara..

The bride is cute...\0/

okay that's all..Hope you like it..Thanks for reading and visiting..

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Darlina Zaqirah Anuar ???


Who is this girl ?
Find out..
She is funny, kinda happy go lucky, cheerful, kind, n slumber..
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01 June 2012

Tired?? Yes !

Views's already evening..and it means I am tired of doing homeworks..
Two of my pens were already out of ink ! can you guys imagine???
So, it's time to release my stress..I wanna online ! daaaaa !!!
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