Status Update ^_^

08 June 2012

Today Story

Hey you'll !! it has been 2 days I didn't post my entries..
I hope that all of you, (my followers) and my loyalty readers..didn't upset with me :)

Last Wed, I went to Times Square with my friends..we have a great time there !
I arrived there almost 12 o'clock..with my 2 lovely friends..truly..we're walking at all floor, finding a dress/blouse to wear on the 'Ladies Night' at our school..
Of course ! we were so tired but really2 having fun at that time :D

The next day, I were at home..doing homework (that never finished)..and serving internet but also didn't have time to update my blog..again I am so sorry cause couldn't make up..I know that my followers and my silent readers are always hoping that I could update my blog..

Today, at 1o a.m. , I were at Wangsa Walk with my friends doing together..(for the last)..although my hands is hurt because I'm writing too much, I still wanna update my blog because if I didn't update it readers won't have a heart to read my entries anymore..

So, the blog is updated ! My loyal readers are so happy with me, right ? thank you...till then !

The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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