Status Update ^_^

08 June 2012

Wishing Could Stay A Lil Longer

owww !! This maybe a very sad statement for you guys..To all my followers and loyal readers..I wish I could stay a lil longer..but I can' less than 3 days..I'll gone to Kuantan for continuing my study..(for Semester 2)..I'm so lonely without you guys here by my side..<---(are you kidding me?)

Besides, my next holiday is too far enough ! maybe in August.. so I just want you to know that..I'll not update my blog for this coming up 2 months..

Although I'm not update my blog I hope that all of you will concern about me, as I concern about you'll..

If you missing me a lot, just come here and blogwalking at my blog yeah! <--- (is that really?)

haha..okay yaw..pen off..till then !

The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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