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04 August 2012

True Friend = BFF

Hey ! It's me again ! missing my blog a lot ! so to my stalker too ^-^

Today I'm gonna tell u 'bout the meaning of bestfriend.. Everybody has their own BFF right ? so do I..BFF is can't be assessed by how many gift that they give to one another but..this relationship is has to be honest and understanding each other.. Don't u ever think that when your BFF doesn't give u anything, they're forgetting 'bout u..instead to ignore u but..who knows, he or she always pray for u ! They will always pray for your happiness and success in your life.. that's how BFF should be.. Who knows the one who always give u somethi'n..they just wanna get proud of her/his self.. I'm not sayin' that giving your BFF a present is a bad thing..Yes, u can give him/her a gift but it should be given from the bottom of your heart..u must correct your INTENTION !
Give her/him with full of integrity in your heart !

That's how BFF should be ~ I think that's long enough for my stalkersss to read.. ^-^ haha..

CAUTION !!! If you have read this, please spread it to your BFF including your friends..what's the meaning of TRUE FRIEND !

even bear know what BFF means..

Best Friends Forever !

best friend will guard u and stay by your side !

they'll make u cheer if u cry..


princess bieber swagger,
bieber's heartbeat ^-^

The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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