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20 August 2012

Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Hi there ! It's Princess Bieber Swagger again ! As you'll know that in the last entry, I'll will talk about my Hari Raya'm not only want to describe it but I also want to talk about the event that all of the muslims do on Hari Raya..

Let's begin

All those waiting for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the blessed day... and today has entered the third day we celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri..All the family members were very excited..We packed our things on the night before Hari Raya and woke up early in the morning, preparing to go to the mosque for Raya prayer. After that they serve us variety of food and it was sooooooo delicious ! but something unexpected happens...I met Ustaz Don at the mosque!!! I'm very excited although I only saw him the time he wanted to go eat...

Next, we return to our home and prepare to go to my grandmother's house...this day is the first day of Raya and I am still in KL...after eating<<>> (I am 'a strong man to eat')...hmm..we gathered to hands between family members and those who have worked, give 'angpau' to the children..I collected so many 'angpau' from them and it was fun to collect it..

Then, we went to the grave to remit al-Fatihah..At there, we could see a lot of people wearing many colours and variety of clothes...

After Zohor prayer...My family and I went to the village and arrivd at 4 pm..with a new face I wake up, alighted from the car, entered the house and shaking hands with all the was a rather tiring day, but i spent more time chatting with my cousin..we talked about interesting event that occurred, boyfriends, about who we are interested, those handsome and much more..that did not realize that day was late at night...

Yesterday, our big family have some interesting event..we cheered and laugh..told stories and so on..this was the fun moment..and I couldn't forget it...there's a lot more stories that I wanted to share..but it's already late..if you guys want to know more about my celebration..just leave a comment...

I shall pen off now... bye !

princess bieber swagger,
bieber's heartbeat.

The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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