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05 August 2012

Fasting Season

Okay today is the 16th Ramadhan we were fasting..and Alhamdulillah..I'm sure that all of the muslims have not leave during the 16 day fast..Without realizing it, had two weeks we fast we saw and there are about two weeks longer to finish..

To all my fans, this evening I want to share some of the fasting month with all of u..
so pretty girls and handsome boys also to my mysterious stalkerz .. please take a note !

During this holy month, we must not leave the prayer, multiply the reading of Al-Quran, chanting plenty, plenty of charity, do good deeds, make good to the difficult, and make many more good deeds to get rewarded by Allah..

Everything that we do will evaluated by Allah. In this glorious, reward given is many times over from the previous..We must take advantage of opportunities to increase our reward because we are only poor people..

Only with her fellow human beings(smiles)..we have the reward.. Is that something that is difficult for us to do? It is only for ourselves as well..also, we must not arrogant in this month..

To all who are fasting, do not give up to continue fasting. If not, u will not enjoy a proper celebration of Hari Raya.. That's not all..fasting is obligatory for every muslims.

So far ahead of me..I'll be writing the next entry for all fans of beautiful and handsome.. I'll return to the place where I learn. Don't miss me..but if u miss me, sure to regularly visit my entry..

p/s: to the next topic, I will describe the experience Hari Raya celebrations in the village of my family

upin ipin pun boleh puasa penuh..

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