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08 May 2014


Assalamualaikum readers, (wait! do I have readers??) lol

Well as you can see about the post title, my blog is still in progress of editing. I'm kinda busy for exam right now so there's no time to edit it.

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29 April 2014


Hi fellas

I don't know what I should talk about now..

I guess I'll talk about what I usually talk... yeah... LOVE.
Knowing that you love someone you have to let them go.

And don't force em to love you back. Don't ever touch their privacy cause they might be suffocated with us. 

Trust me.

And yes, you can approach em but don't make it look too desperate.

Don't know about him alright.. but when you actually say you done with him

he'll be like, .. ''oh God thank goodness'' *although he didn't say it to you*


I know that it's hard to forget about someone you love

but try to move on. It does take times. What can you do rather than to forget em?

 Live your life pals.

Don't ruin it because of someone who don't love you in return.

Maybe there's someone out there who's waiting for you.

If it's really your fate with the one you love, you'll be together sooner or later.

God has better plan for us. Let Him plan it for you. Just go with the flow.

 Maybe He'll find you someone better than him

You just WAIT.

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20 April 2014


Assalamualaikum pals, it's been a while i didn't write to you guys...

 Okay that pic was the last selfie of us in the lab for this semester! no lab report for this 6 weeks to go!

yeepeeeee !!! Enough load pals, enough !

Thank you Miss Dahlia for your taught through out this sem. You're helpful in guiding and teaching us.

Alright , next !
 After dead tired working on drama to perform on English Day in past activity week, 

we got the second place ! OMG ! thank goodness :)  After all the practices we made.. hahaha at last we 

made it! Although in the second place ~ *winkwink*


 You know what??! It's silly when you judge me before you KNOW ME WELL!

Just saying ~ ~ ~

I am pretty sure that you'll 'obsessly' love me when we kinda, sorta have some talk alright ? hahaha 

Don't be afraid, I wont bite ;)



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09 February 2014

I Don't Have A Crxsh, Plus I Don't Wannna Have Any

Assalamualaikum fellas ^^

It's me again .... 


I wanna tell you a sad story about my crxsh..

So here it is.. during the msr week, I like a boy and he's my dear senior.. and I get excited about him so I

stalk him like crazyyy.. then I found his twitter, fb and instagram and I followed him ^^

And he accepted my friend request plus followed me too.. 

But the happy moment didn't last long because then I found out he has a girlfriend through his comment 

with another girl.. which is my senior too.. Soon, even though it is hard for me to accept the fact, I've made 

my decision to unfollowed him and blocked him instantly.

One morning, we got bumped in front of the campus, we're acting so awkward like didn't know where to 

look at and I walk extra fast. It's like I don't wanna see him again.

After the incident, I heard some rumor about him which they were saying that he's not a student of this 

university.. But then I realize that he just found out he has a lot of secret admirers.. erghhh ! boyssss.

So there. Right now I don't have a crxsh plus I don't wanna have any.    

Sincerely with love,


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02 February 2014

Last Day Bersuka Ria ^^ :((


Assalamualaikum fellas ,

Now I'm at MICET ^^ Alhamdulillah ~ got this opportunity to continue my studies.. okay lah.. Orientation week a.k.a MSR week dia best gila. Gempaklah jugak. haha .. Fasi pun okay.. takde lah kena mintak tandatangan ape benda semua tu ...

hmm.. aktiviti dia best.. ade macam2 program. yang paling aku suka xi shua shua dance. haha. tergedik gedik.. pastu . fasi dia baik je.. cute semua ada lah.. paling tak tahan masa diorang prank birthday tu.. rasa nak cekik je.. haha... (beranike?)

So .. hari ni, hari last bersuka ria sebelum start class. esok class start pukul 9.. boleh lah tu kan..minggu ni class pukul 8 ade sehari je iaitu! hari jumaat. hmm

Jadual tak pack sangat kott. tapi esok class general chem banyak gila la..

I think sampai sini dulu... penat lah ..kepala dah pening.. okay pen off now..

Goodnight ^^

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