Status Update ^_^

31 December 2013


Assalamualaikum dear fellas, 

Alhamdulillah praise to Allah .

Finally I'm gonna be a college student starting from 26 Jan 2014 . Insyaallah ~ I'll continue my studies at UniKL MICET , Melaka which is sponsored by MARA ^^ The course I'm taking is Chemical Engineering in Process . 

I would like to congratulate to my friends too, who get the offer to continue their studies starting from this very beginning 2014 ! I've heard that a few of my college students will be continue their studies in Melaka which makes me so excited to meet and learn with them again ! ^^

My family also get excited when we get the result and they begin to put high hope on me too (again) . . . After asking the officer about studying abroad, she said if the students maintain their pointer which is 3.5 and above, they'll send us abroad (katanyalah) Three years in Melaka , another three years abroad . 

So yes , to achieve this GOAL ,  I want to do some wishlist . They're : 
  • Get 3.5 and above on every semester 
  • Studying abroad

Yeah that's the wishlist for now . I know this course is tough and hard for me but I have interest in it so I wanna go for it ! 

Lastly , I wish that all of the readers will pray for our success ! Pretty pretty pleaseeee ~ haha THANK YOU SO MUCH . Love y'lls . Pen off . ^^

The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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