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11 November 2012

A Little Thing That Called Admire

Peace be upon to you..

Everyone has someone to admire..and it goes the same to me..


It is true when you'll do whatever to make the one you admire happy ^_^ ... Besides, he or she will think that they're really appreciate by you...but when you care too much about them, they feel disturb..


A feeling that you feel when you like somebody..that person can't false you because the feeling is suddenly appear in you..Someone should accept it when one admire them.. If you wanna get rid of it..who day, no one will admire you like he/she does ??

This thing might look simple..but you can't imagine what's the effect will cause you..

So..think about it !


The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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