Status Update ^_^

13 November 2012

This Decision..Wasted My Time..

Peace be upon to you..

Dear You,
I've been wasted my time just to make this decision..
Once I'd made it..I want you to appreciate it !
Eve though you do not ask me to..
The truth is..
I don't know what is going on with me lately..Feels like I don't know myself anymore..Why do I do that to you..Why this and that..
Sometimes I do feel foolish..You know it is hard for me to admire people like I do to you..
How sad..
I just think about my feeling..I forget about yours..
I don't want to force anyone on a relationship..because I know that the relationship could not last long..

The Swagie says 'like' it ! and thank you for reading ^_^

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